Saturday, November 21, 2009

Giveaway/Contest by Simply J

I love contest and jewelry so I am taking part in giveaway/contest by Simply J, you can take part too.

This is held at

Row 1:
218 Single Star Cuff Earring
518 Peace pendant (w/out necklace)
310 Silver and Pewter Studded Earring (one of each color, silver star can be paired with the single star cuff earring and the pewter star can be paired with the double chain star & heart cuff earring)
Row 2:
520 Double Open Heart Pendant (w/out necklace)
251 Silver, Gold, and Black Ear Cuff
208 Double Chain Star & Heart Cuff Earring
Row 3:
452 Flowerful Charm
521 Anchor Pendant (w/out necklace)
410 Growth of Innocence Earring

There is more if you click on the link about to find out.

Good luck.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Miela77 1 month anniversary giveaway

I love giveaway and I am taking part in Miela77 1 month anniversary giveaway, you can take part too. Giveaway held at

Produk Wajib - UK Magic Bio-Tech Herbal Antivirus Formula 5ml Bernilai RM20

Washing Bag bernilai RM6.50
Wet Beg Bernilai RM15

Dan Cash Voucher RM5 menanti semua pengunjung yang menyertai Giveaway ini (tidak sah untuk pembelian sock, legging dan pekasam ye)

Apa syarat2 nya?
Amat mudah:-

1. Syarat wajib nieh..mesti follow Miela77 dan Miela77 Online Shoppe. (1 penyertaan)

2. Copy html code Miela77 Online Shoppe di side bar kanan atas dan tepek kat sidebar uols. (1 penyertaan)

3. Buat entri tentang Giveaway nie dan ajak ramai2 join dua kaki. (1 penyertaan) (entri yang paling kreatif akan dapat hadiah misteri)

4. Kalau rajin, email pada 10 rakan2 lain ttg Miela77 Online Shoppe (tak kisahlah nak promote blog ke, product yang ada ke, promosi terkini ke) dan sk pada (2 penyertaan)

5. Tinggalkan di ruangan komen (Nama, Blog link, Email) bagi mengesahkan penyertaan anda.

So easy peasy.. apa tunggu lagi meh la join.. Bermula hari nie sampai jam 8.00mlm 16hb November 2009.

To take part just click on above link, good luck!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Mommy Journey

I love blogging and my blogger friend Chris has got a blog name The Mommy Journey. Chris is a mommy of two active kids, they are so cute. Chris is SAHM of two kids, a boy and a girl. Her blog is user friendly, I like the three column templates. I forgot to mention that Mommy Chris in Sta.Rosa, Philippines.

You can check out her blog which is user friendly and easy to browse. I love to view pictures at her blog. This is the blog where you read about her mommy journey. Every parent has a different say about their journey.

I like to visit her blog to know her read her latest information. There is a tag cloud available at the right bar where you can click on the tag that interest you. This is a blog where you can find out her family bonding and places they go.

I like the latest post about Nuvali, I have not been there before but it looks fun. Just see the pictures on fishes and sunset. If you have precious moments to share feel free to visit the mommy journey.

If you have Entrecard and Agitize, you can check out her blog to drop them. :D You can either click on the link above or banner below to visit.

the mommy journey