Thursday, December 16, 2010

GT: The place I love most

I know everyone has a place where they love most, mine is home but not kitchen. I know they are many things to do at home and I prefer to stay in my room. My space where I can do things I love such as make jewellery. If I have money I can go vacation but I cannot do that always we need to save money for the rainy days. My room is the most untidy place so many stuff here and there no matter how I tidy up it still look the same.

My sister-in-law asking me what am I doing in my room? Funny question this is my place and my room is my privacy and I can do anything I want. Don't you feel it is funny if someone asking you what are you doing in your room?

Well let's head on to see what other girls have in mind.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Forget the blogs

I love blogging and somehow I forgot some blogs which belong to my friends. I mean like I forgot where to visit them, memory is not good lately. There is time I cannot remember a few days in October, I am not kidding the medication make me like this. Lucky I am no longer taking that medicine but now on different medicine. I was admitted to the hospital for nine long days.

Being part time blogger is not easy the way I can update you is using Facebook. Somebody is stalking me so I don't care because I have nothing to lose.

Friday, September 24, 2010

My legs hurt

I am having my pms for second day now I feel my legs hurt. I have great time spending most of it at home, I love cooking now I hope my dear loved my food. So far I think not bad with help and advice from loved one.

By the way RED is having wonderful contest at her blog that ends on 10 Oct, 2010. You might want to find out, if you are taking part why not mention referral by Sherry.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Only two hands

I have only two hands and I am working on the contest based on points to win the fabulous prize. I know that I need to work for it because of the Prize. I know that if I don't work for it I will lose it, I try asking some blogger friend join, it is not easy.

Having many blogs does not mean I have many friends. You want to win a contest you got to work for it. I have experience lose a contest with prize $500 cash, believe someone else have more blogs than me.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Busy with contest and others

I am sure you know that I am busy with contest, being participant I must say I am lazy sometimes. I need to work out the lazy and getting myself busy again or else I will lose the contest.

Yeah notice a contest I not yet get the prize. It is dot info and a year hosting and I won this contest quite long ago. I checking my blogs as well using dot info but only one that is that I purchase and it is not from winning.

So far I don't recall any other blog info which is I lost.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Think about strawberry

I think of strawberry as I went to Cameron Highlands but I cannot find the bag that I want. I am happy to find one which is handmade by a blogger from Johor Bharu. I have quite a heavy supper just now.

Now if you are free head to my blog other blogs.



love and thoughts

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sad memories

I am sure everyone has sad memories I have got them and I don't want to think about it. We need to know life is short so we better be positive because life is full of surprise. Money is important but you need to know that love is important too we need support each another.

My friend is sad because she has miscarriage, I know how she felt because I had ectopic pregnancy and I had hard time with it. We can never forget because it is memory in our heart no matter what baby is always part of us.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Today blog review is Baby Shower Theme Ideas, this is where you find the guide on baby shower theme ideas. My friend likes Winnie The Pooh I am sure she will be happy mom soon and she might want to check out on how to host the Winnie The Pooh baby shower. Don't just read here, you need to find out more detail by click on the above link. This site is easy to browse and user friendly. If you need find out about baby shower theme ideas just visit this site.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun Family Vacations

Today blog review is Fun Family Vacations, this blog is where family find info on where to travel and have fun. If you love to travel to Asia you will find Asia Travel with useful info for you. If you plan to go China, Bangkok and other country you can get start with this website. I find the travel tips when you lost your luggage useful just find out the easy five steps from this website. I know everyone will be frustrated if you lose a luggage.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Win a pair of Julia Shoes

It is better than shopping because you stand the chance to win a pair of Julia shoes, this giveaway held at my other blog.

If you want to stand the chance to win, you need to take part.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Still coughing

I am still coughing and I know I need stay away from my pregnant friends. Yeah two of them so this weekend I think better stay a distance to chat. I found this picture in the folder to share with you. My very first avatar it is for me. :D

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scrub it clean

My bathroom so dirty I have scrub it clean, yeah the floor is not yellowish anymore. The light in the bathroom is yellow. LOL

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

$300 Worth Brand New COACH Satchel Bag Contest

I am contest geek because I love contest, so now I am taking part this contest to win this beautiful New Coach Satchel Bag, this contest is held at Mom Conversations. You can take part too, this is fun contest for everyone to take part. You need to earn points to win this contest.

If you happen to take part in this contest just mention you know it from Sherry.

Mom Conversations

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Contest ends on 27 July, 2010.

I can see participant working hard for this contest. Let's take part and win!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Concrete and Nail Polish giveaway

I love nail polish and I am taking part in Concrete and Nail Polish giveaway, you can take part too.

One lucky follower from anywhere in the world will win:
  • A set of Kiss Mix or Match Nails
  • Cream Perfume Company Rose de Rosee Body Moisturizer
  • Olivia Care Olive Oil Verbena Soap
  • OPI Tiny Takeouts Hong Kong Collection
  • 2 Tic Tac Polishes
  • 3 Maybelline Express Finish Polishes
  • A Sally Girl Polish
  • 2 Sally Hansen Salon Polishes
  • A Nubar Polish
  • 4 Sinful Polishes
I love them all and hope I can win them.

Giveaway ends on 11 July, 2010.

To take part just click on above link.

Good luck.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Double latte

My friend loves coffee and she also likes latte, she ordered the double latte, yeah you can see the cup on the table. It is not very big, she told me she can asleep. As for me I choose to have cappuccino because that's my favourite.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Emerging Influential Bloggers 2010

It is my first time to take part in Emerging Influential Bloggers 2010, now I am sure you are excited to find. This is your chance to get to know Phillippine Blogging Community.

Now I am sure you want to know Emerging Influential Bloggers 2010.

  1. Mommy Rubz- A Mom Who Passionately Blogs About Life and More. Mommy Rubz is open heart to share with you about her marriage, her family and things that interest her. The picture header represent her and her children, they are her precious.
  2. Babies and Contest - This is Melandria blog where she shares with you about the babies and contest around blogsphere. Most giveaway and info you can find are suitable for Pinay.
  3. Red is Marose- This blog is belong to Red is Marose, author is Marose. She is dedicated blogger she works at call center and works on shifts. This is her personal blog where she blogs of her simple life in a world that rocks.
  4. In This Side of Town - thoughts of a bored nanay living in style in this side of town. She is Vernz, she is situated in Davao City, Philippines. She blogs everyday and many interest posts to share and pictures of Davao City.
  5. LuckyZoan - This blog belong to Zoan, she is single mom of a wonderful boy. This blog is anything under the Sun where catches Zoan attention. Zoan recently won some contests. Get to know more of Zoan visit her blog.
  6. - Started as a personal in September of 2009, this blog already received more than 25,000 hits according to StatCounter. Gained a Pagerank 3 and an Alexa Rank of 5,982 in PH (797,000 Worldwide) It also always at the upper Top 15 of in it's category. With 111 blog post, this blog already received 761 blog comments. This blog also has premiere night access to Walt Disney Films, Columbia Pictures & Warner Bros movies.
  7. Make Money Online for Free and Work from Home -It' blog belong to blankpixel about how she make money online. She write detailed guides/articles on the different ways she make money online. She also put payment proofs here to show everyone that she do make money online. She believe she've been influential to other people who want to start making money online, too, especially fellow Pinoys.
  8. Manila Fitness - This site’s objective is to post entries regarding health, wellness and nutrition especially for women. Some entries will be based on the writer’s opinions and some will be based on research.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In This Side of Town

This is a blog review entry for Yuuki’s TwinBlogversary Contest.

Today blog review is In This Side of Town, this blog belongs to Vernz. Vernz is from Davao City, Philippines. You can find her shares many pictures on Davao City. Not long ago, Vernz was too tired to write and to drop Entrecard and Adgitize. She is not alone as I am feeling tired too! Anyway I am sure you want to know her crazy day that makes her tired.

This blog is using three columns template with a beautiful header by Vernz. Currently the blog having 194 followers, this blog is page rank 3. Vernz is mommy blogger, you can read more at Kids activities. I don't know there is modern day camping until I read her posts.

I don't know much of Davao City, Philippines as I have not been there. Vernz shares many pictures at the blog and from her I get to know SM City the shopping mall and People's Mall. Now if you want to know more In This Side of Town, visit this blog today.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Red is Marose

This is a blog review entry for Yuuki’s TwinBlogversary Contest.

Today blog review is Red is Marose, this blog belongs to Marose but I often called her Red because she loves red colour. Red's blog is page rank 1 now before that it was page rank 2. Reading Red's blog I find that she likes to collect beautiful figurines, just click on the link to see them. They are her little collection, I like the last one baby in stroller it is so cute. When you open the stroller you can find baby inside.

Red's blog is using three columns template, she likes red colour as you can see the header is pretty in red. If you want to know more of Red, read up the all about me as it is all about Red. They are many pictures to see from her blog. Red is mommy blogger, her son name is jhay.

Red updates her blog every day even though she works on shifts at call center. If you have Entrecard and Adgitize don't forget to drop them at her blog. Top Entrecard Dropper of the month get a month ad space at her blog.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf

This is a blog review entry for Yuuki’s TwinBlogversary Contest.

Today blog review is My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf, this blog belongs to Bambie. Bambie loves blogging and she updates her blog every day. Now what do you think a steaming mug of coffee and cheese tarts, sound yummy isn't it get to know more of Bambie here.

This June 2010 Bambie added something new at her blog, it is the Top Commentator widget with points system. This mean you can find who are the Top Commentator from this month onwards. This is fun as so far I have gained 5 points for this month, still a long way to go.

Last month Bambie won a contest, I am waiting to know what's her new domain will be. She also likes to take part in contests. The cute template at her blog is designed by Kaye. If you have a message for Bambie, leave it at the bottom of the blog there is a message box at the right bar. This blog is page rank two and this blog is easy to browse.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Random Blog Contest

This is a blog review entry for Yuuki’s TwinBlogversary Contest.

I love contest and there is blog that you can find Random Blog Contest, Jenn is the author of this blog. She loves to take part in contests too as you can find all sort of contest listed in this blog. I like the three columns template of this blog. I find that some contest not open for international as certain contest only open for UK only or US only or Malaysia only.

One contest category that every woman loves, that is beauty products. You can take part in the contest to try your luck, Jenn posted the detail of Prize and deadline of the contest most important the Contest link of contest held. So you know that if you want to take part in contest you will want to know the location, prize and deadline. Don't forget to check the contest if it is open for you to take part.

Now if you think of contest and giveaway, you can visit this blog. There is update on every day contest and giveaway held at blogsphere. Jenn also won the sexy swimsuit on blogsphere.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mommy Rubz

This is a blog review entry for Yuuki’s TwinBlogversary Contest.

It is time for blog review, today blog review is Mommy Rubz. She is mommy of three beautiful children and she is Filipina stay at home mom that loves blogging. She shares many pictures at her blog, her little girl Bella Grace turns eight months old and she loves fries.

This is where you get to know more about Mommy Rubz thought of life, love, marriage, children, parenting, and everything that interest her. If you are parent I am sure you will be unhappy with sarcastic teacher at school. You can share your view about this if you click on the post to read.

I like the beautiful three columns template and the header of the blog. A beautiful picture just like the badge you can find there. The blog is page rank zero with 89 followers including me. Find out who are the top commentator at her blog.

Now if you want to know more of SAHM Mommy Rubz visit her blog.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Everything Nice by Badet

This is a blog review entry for Yuuki’s TwinBlogversary Contest.

Today blog review is Everything Nice by Badet, it is blog belongs to Badet. You can find her blog interesting as they are many posts on food. I love to eat and I can't get enough of it. Now you can also see she share her favourite cake, who is hungry of estrel's caramel cakes? Check out the beautiful cake she orders for her mother. I want to say that cakes over there is cheaper than here.

This blog is about food, travel, life, and fashion. Talking about life, Badet is pregnant now and she has a new blog to share about her pregnancy journey. She also likes to know of your movies suggestion, she will catch up with them when she has the time.

Everything Nice has pretty three columns template, it is now page rank of three. Overall her blog is easy to browse with well maintain side bars. If you have the Entrecard and Adgitize feel free to drop them at her blog. Now if you want to know more about Everything Nice of Badet click on the link above.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Review: Drama Queen

This is a blog review entry for Yuuki’s TwinBlogversary Contest.

Today the review is the Drama Queen, another blog which belongs to Yuuki. Last December Yuuki received Ritz the blogger who gave her a free layout at this blog. This is three columns template and colour of side bars are black. Yuuki is the drama queen because she loves to watch drama series of many country such as Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. I wonder if she can speaks mandarin and other language.

You can find out the too much drama from Yuuki, I agree with her that life is already complicated. She likes light drama and comedy drama, she stays away from the too much drama melodrama or tragedy. I know what she means those are usually drama that you often see them crying.

The Drama Queen is page rank two with total of 67 followers at the moment. If you have Entrecard and Adgitize be sure to drop by her blog. Overall her blog is user friendly and easy to browse. I give a rating of 4/5.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Review: It's Not Always About Me

This is a blog review entry for Yuuki’s TwinBlogversary Contest.

It is almost 1am here, the blog review is It's Not Always About Me, this blog is belonging to Yuuki. There is double celebration at Yuuki's blogs, It's Not Always About Me and Drama Queen turns 1 this May 2010. I like the pink three columns template of this blog, it is page rank of two now. These days Yuuki is busy with the MMS which is Meet My Sponsor blog reviews.

Yuuki is indeed a book worm, check out the books she purchases last year. Some interesting books that she reads are Sookie Stackhouse Series, Why Men Loves Bitches/Marry Bitches, Who will cry when you die, and Skip Beat Manga Vols 11 to 15. I am happy to know that Yuuki have got her first payment from Google Adsense and I am still waiting for mine to accumulate $100.

Overall It's Not Always About Me is well maintain and you can find update of posts at least three times a week. I would say Yuuki keeps up the good work with blogging and doing what you love.

1st YTBC (Yuuki’s Twin Blogversary Contest)

It is is about 2am in the morning and I am busy with taking part in 1st YTBC which means Yuuki's Twin Blogversary Contest.

1st YTBC (Yuuki’s Twin Blogversary Contest)

Come and join us, as we celebrate It’s Not Always About ME and Drama Queen turns 1 this May2010!

My Blogs

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Best Blog Review Award

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1 info domain and 1-yr blog hosting (Pinay Mommy Online)

This contest ends on 31 May, 2010. Be sure to take part because it is fun and so far I have gained over 1500 points and I know there is so much more to do.

Click above link to take part!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This is mind but I cannot fit in anymore.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eyeko cream in Malaysia


Yeah you are looking at them, the bottle pink and brown in colour. Pink is Eyeko cream and Brown is the tinted cream of Eyeko.

I am using Eyeko and I love them.

If you are in Malaysia I am sure you know that you can online purchase them online. You can see more at

I am selling one bottle MYR$30 not inclusive of postage in Malaysia. If you purchase two bottles of Eyeko cream I can free postage in Malaysia. :D

Saturday, April 17, 2010

No reply from Entrecard

I have been waiting for Entrecard reply my email but there is none of it. I am tired and I am not getting rest as well. I have over 60,000EC in the account and it is all gone because I cannot access the entrecard account anymore. :(

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fun contest ends on 15 April

I am contest geek? Oh well, this is a fun contest that you can take part too.

It ends on 15 April 2010.

A Woman Remembers - 1,000 EC credits, 1 month AD space and $5.00
Azumi...Lil Dolly Princess - $5.00
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From this Side - 3,000 EC credits
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Live for Life - 4,000 EC credits and 2 months AD space
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Momma Wannabe - $5.00
My So-Called World - $5.00 + 1 month AD space
Niko's Blog - $5.00
Stalking Minds - $5.00
The Hunger Games Trilogy - 3,000 EC credits
The Mommy Journey - 5,000 EC credits
The Snoring Queen - 5,000 EC credits
Travelin' with Marie - 8"x8", 20-page Photobook ($20.00 value) and two 1 month AD spaces
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Natural whitening cream cleanser with orange peel extract

I am using this cleanser actually I mix use skin care product. I love this so much and I am sharing one tube with my sister.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Need help in contest!

Yeah just last minute entry that contest ends on 18 mar, Malaysia time 12mid

Monday, March 1, 2010

Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest

I am so much in love with contest, so many contest and this is very challenging one for me. I am not only the sponsors but also the participants in this contest. Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest is fun and challenging for you to take part.

You have time to join as contest ends on 18 March, 2010. For detail click on banner below!

BIG Blogversary Contest

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Beng's Entertainment Spree : Yashiro : My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf : Embrace Life : How I Earn Money Online

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Email that not related to previous email

First the person approach me to ask for my advertisement fee and now reply me as following:

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Help me make $5

BIG Blogversary Contest

I love to take part in contest as you know. Now I need your help, I need to refer 10 friends in order to gain $5 instantly. Yeah even it is just $5 it is still money.

This contest is huge you can even take part tin the contest to win. As for refer, do mention that you know it from Sherry HERE. I appreciate your help. :D

Let's join the contest and have fun to win lot's of Prizes.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jeweled Thumb giveaway

I love giveaway and I am taking part in Jeweled Thumb giveaway, you can take part too.

This giveaway will take place between January 18th and January 31st at 11:59pm EST. Winners will be picked the following morning.

To take part just click on above link.

Good luck.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Candy apple is hard to chew!

I try the candy apple before and my sister too not like it.We find it hard to eat or chew. I had hard time bite it so I give my sis to eat. She says we are lucky to purchase only one to try out.

I don't know how you can bite or eat the candy apple, my dad had one and my mom not because she has faux teeth.

This is so long ago but I can still remember it.